Clams & Moon Lake Rock Root Note

The Root Note , 115 4th St S, La Crosse

Clams & Moon Lake will play Root Note the night before the Super Bowl! This is kind of our Super Bowl, so we would love for you to come boogie with us. Best part: No ads!

Moon Lake - Band at 9:30 PM CST Clams at 10:45 PM CST


Check out Clams newest project, The Wet Album:

Clams is a band made up of Tyler Larkin, Alex Miller & Eric Wittenburg of Minneapolis, MN and Winona, MN. Clams is an eclectic mix of surf, punk, and psychedelic influences that is reminiscent of the Beach Boys & Red Hot Chili Peppers. Many good times have been had making music.


The newest project from Minneapolis Singer-Songwriter Brett Studer, Moon Lake combines tenor vocals with Jazz and Folk inspired songwriting for an almost nostalgic sound with a hint of melancholy.