Clams & Karate Chop, Silence & Cactus Holdup at Viking Bar

Viking Bar, 1829 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis

Clams & our friends Karate Chop, Silence & Cactus Holdup rock Viking Bar in Minneapolis! Might need to bust out the mithril for this one. But even that won't stop your face from getting melted... but seriously, come on out and have some beers!

Cactus Holdup at 9:00 PM CST Karate Chop, Silence at 10:00 PM CST Clams at 11:00 PM CST


Enter the multi sphere. What do you find? Stardust, extraterrestrials, and Clams. A new dimension of rock. Spank rock, wet rock, Clam rock. Like the rock that orbits the Earth but further out. If you castaway, this is one island your mind cannot escape. Maroon yourself with Clams.

Clams is a band made up of Tyler Larkin, Alex Miller & Eric Wittenburg of Minneapolis, MN and Winona, MN. Clams is an eclectic mix of surf, punk, and psychedelic influences that is reminiscent of the Beach Boys & Red Hot Chili Peppers. Many good times have been had making music.

Check out Clams newest project, The Wet Album:


Emerging from the womb of musical brilliance in the summer of 2016 and based out of Winona, Minnesota, Karate Chop, Silence is a funky alt-rock quartet with strong pop influences and an appetence for groovy melodies that leave audiences wishing they brought an extra pair of socks. With a keen sense of catchy, dance-friendly music and uncanny chemistry, Karate Chop, Silence leaves everything on the stage and maintains a level of performance energy that’s bound to bring audiences to their level of intensity by the end of the show.